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Welcome to The Lesbian Blog – a website created by lesbians, for lesbians!

Our intention for this platform is to use our experience to answer all the pressing questions you have about what it means to be gay. We’ll help you navigate the “coming out” process, no matter how long it takes, and provide endless resources to guide you toward a happy, healthy relationship with yourself – and the woman of your dreams!

We’re not experts. We didn’t graduate from lesbian university, and we most certainly don’t have it all figured out. But we’ve been exactly where you are, and that exposure has equipped us with the tools necessary to offer a few tidbits of advice. We sincerely hope that you’ll learn from our mistakes, laugh at our shortcomings, and draw inspiration from our successes.

So, ask away! We’ll answer all your questions in the only way we know how – with openness and honesty. We hope that you’ll come to look at this as a safe space where you can figure out who you are and where you’re heading in life. It’s not easy making these discoveries, but it helps to know you’re not alone!

Emily & Faith xx


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