Should I ask a girl out if I don’t know she’s gay?

Should I ask a girl out if I don't know she's gay?

You’ve met a girl, and you’re into her. But you don’t know if she’s gay! Don’t fret… here’s how to handle this delicate situation.

Coming from someone who believes everyone is gay to a certain extent, I say go for it! Sexuality is a spectrum, not a two-sided coin. Where you are on that spectrum determines how straight or gay you are and, in my opinion, we all tend to be more sexually fluid than we let ourselves admit.

Don’t get me wrong – some people are very gay or straight. Faith has known since she was old enough to breathe that she likes women, and while she can admire a sexy man as much as the next girl, she knows that penis just isn’t for her. On the other hand, I have friends who are all about the sausage. The more man, the better. But even so…

Not many people are immune from falling in love or being sexually attracted to a member of the same sex. If you have chemistry with a woman but suspect she might not be gay, don’t be so quick to write her off. If she’s a close gal pal, tread carefully. Ask yourself if making a move is worth jeopardizing your friendship. But if she’s a stranger you just met at the bar and you’re interested in taking things to the next level, ask her out! What have you got to lose? Chances are, if you’re feeling fireworks, she feels them too.

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