What’s the best part of being a lesbian?

What's the best part of being a lesbian?

Endless tampons and great sex is just the beginning. Take a look at the 25 best things about being a lesbian.

Honestly? The perks are endless.

But for the sake of space, we put our heads together to come up with 25 of the best things about being in a lesbian relationship:

1. All the good smells

Let’s face it… boys stink. Girls, on the other hand, are usually the epitome of cleanliness. Our home only stinks when we make curry, but that’s obviously worth it.

2. There’s never a shortage of tampons

The supply is truly infinite. You go through them in the blink of an eye, but then more appear as if by magic!

3. Two women = two wardrobes

Sure, some lesbian couples dress like night and day. But that doesn’t change the fact that there’s always a clean white tank top around if you need one.

4. You get each other

Boys just don’t understand women, and they probably never will. When you’re in a relationship with a fellow female, you can pretty much guarantee that every mood swing and personality quirk will be acknowledged with a nod of empathy.

5. Open dialogues about your lady parts

When you both share the same biology, you’re bound to encounter a few of the same health concerns. Seriously, ladies – if it’s happened to you, it’s probably happened to her.

6. Every night is a slumber party

Remember sleeping over at your friend’s house when you were young, giggling until the wee hours of the morning? Being in a relationship with a woman is like experiencing that seven days a week. Minus the not-so-funny sleepover pranks.

7. You save money

Boy-girl couples have to buy girl body wash and boy body wash. They have to buy multivitamins for men, and multivitamins for women. Fixing up a few things around the house? You’ll need to get your own work gloves, because his are way too big. See where I’m going with this?

8. You don’t have to worry about buying neutral décor

Not to be sexist, but being in a heterosexual relationship means your home can’t be too “girly”. You have to avoid pink like the plague, and frills are out of the question. But dating a lady means you can make your space as feminine as you’d like!

9. You can go into the same dressing room

What fun is shopping if you can’t put on a pre-purchase fashion show for your significant other? Being a lesbian means you can model those clothes and receive an honest opinion before handing over your credit card.

10. No pregnancy scares – ever!

Raise your hand if you ever took a pregnancy test in high school or college. I’ve been there, and it was not fun. Lesbians have full control over when they have kids. No mistakes. No surprises.

11. The toilet seat is always down

Believe it or not, this simple perk results in a lot fewer marital spats.

12. You like similar TV shows and movies

Just think… you’ll never have to miss an episode of Grey’s Anatomy because he’s watching ESPN. If your lady lover is into sports and you’re not, at least she’ll have the courtesy to watch basketball online so you can tune in to gawk at Arizona Robbins. Men just don’t think that way.

13. You’ll never have to give another blowjob again for as long as you live

Ahhh, how refreshing it is to have sex without gagging. All jokes aside though, this might be the greatest perk of them all.

14. Your partner is also your best friend

Sure, this is often the base in heterosexual relationships as well. But boys typically aren’t all that interested in having spa nights and going window shopping and doing online quizzes just for the fun of it.

15. You never have to worry about breaking a nail

On the downside, you’ll have to keep your nails short for the rest of eternity (if you’re not sure why, click here). But at least you’ll save money on manicures!

16. You both love Taylor Swift

For some of us, not loving T-Swift is a deal breaker.

17. The sex is a thousand times better

I speak from experience, friends. No matter how talented they are, men are big and clumsy and usually very uneducated when it comes to what women really want. Women, on the contrary, are experts by nature.

18. Your babies will have two moms

While male role models certainly have their place in a child’s life, there’s something so special about a mother’s love. And your kid will grow up with double!

19. The communication is stellar

Typically, if a woman has a problem, she addresses it out loud. While a man would grumble, apologize and keep his own feelings to himself, another woman would accept the complaint and probably fire back one of her own. While this openness can lead to more squabbles, it results in a much healthier relationship overall.

20. Buying gifts is a breeze

Just as men don’t know what women want in bed, women don’t know what men want for Christmas. In a lesbian relationship, picking out presents takes no time at all.

21. Soft skin

If calloused man hands and hairy jawlines makes you cringe, lesbianism might be for you. Soft skin makes everything better – from hand-holding to love making and everything in between. 

22. You can check out other people together – without starting a fight

Jealousy seems to burn a lot hotter in heterosexual relationships… and not in a good way. Lesbians have this unspoken understanding when it comes to looking at other people. They acknowledge handsome men and admire beautiful women in a way that’s respectful, not vulgar.

23. You’re equals by nature

No unbalanced gender roles or bigoted injustices – just a level playing field on which to build your relationship. Sure, someone will wear the pants at all times, but you’ll take turns like the well-mannered humans that you are.

24. No fumbling with condoms or remembering to take birth control

Talk about a hassle. It’s almost as if lesbianism is how God intended it.

25. You can take turns being the big spoon/little spoon

When you’re similar in stature, it makes it a lot easier to switch up your sleeping arrangements. Need to be comforted? Volunteer to be the little spoon. Feeling empowered? Big spoon, it is!