How can you tell if someone’s a lesbian?

How can you tell if someone's a lesbian?

The short answer? You can’t.

Unfortunately, we don’t come with rainbow stickers on or foreheads or labels on our chests. But, then again, neither do straight people. There’s this assumption out there that most people are straight. Okay, fine — it’s more than an assumption. It’s the truth. But folks, let me tell you… there’s a lot more gay people than you think.

I wasn’t immersed in the lesbian dating scene for long, and during my short stint of it, I was actively on Tinder. Dating apps are handy whether you’re a lesbian or not, because they help you narrow your search preferences. But if you’re not into seeking companionship online, don’t fret. Most of the women Faith dated, myself included, were found the old fashioned way. In other words, she stumbled upon them naturally thanks to fate and coincidence alone. And here’s the thing… most of the women she dated didn’t know they were gay. Not until they met her, anyway. She prides herself on that.

My point is, if you’re looking for women to date, you don’t have to worry so much about finding gay women. This might seem counterintuitive, but a lot of girls out there who identify as straight are right on the verge of actually being bisexual – you just have to be there to give them a little nudge. I’m living proof of this.

For those of you who aren’t interested in dating and just want to hone your “gaydar”, I don’t have much to offer you. While some lesbians have a specific, stereotypical look, others blend right in. Either way, I have to say… it doesn’t really matter. Stop hunting lesbians and start living your life. People are people, my friend.

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