What’s it like kissing a girl?

What's it like kissing a girl?

Is it soft? Yes. Is it different? yes. Take a look at what it feels like to kiss a girl for the first time.

The first time Faith and I kissed, I awkwardly blurted out, “I’ve never kissed a girl before.” Adorably, she responded with, “I’ve never kissed a girl that’s taller than me before.” Despite the perfectness of the moment, however, it was still undeniably weird.

But not in a bad way. Having only locked lips with boys, kissing another girl was like a breath of fresh air. It was clean and soft and not at all slobbery. It was surreal, of course – as all first kisses are. But very memorable. And there was absolutely no pressure, which made it that much more magical. While kisses from boys always seem to get washed away in a slur of expectation and fear – Does he want more? Is this going to lead to sex? – kissing a girl comes with no immediate strings. It’s safe and compassionate and did I mention soft?

Don’t get me wrong… your first time kissing a girl will be scary. For the most part, the media has only taught us what it looks like to kiss boys, so you’ll be going in blind. But sometimes it’s better that way. The way Hollywood portrays heterosexual kisses is unbelievably staged, which only serves to set us up for disappointment. So, while there’s no guarantee that kissing a girl will be phenomenal, it’s not likely to disappoint. And it only gets better.