What are the best lesbian Instagram accounts?


I’m excited to write this, but also a bit overwhelmed! There are literally are HUNDREDS of incredible lesbian Instagram accounts that we adore, so listing them is a bit daunting. But here goes nothing! We’ve put together a top 10 list of accounts to go follow right now, if you haven’t already!


Heather and Laura were the first members of the LGBTQ+ Instagram community to extend a welcoming hand to us. They have the kindest souls, and their wedding photos are absolutely mesmerizing.


Another one of our favorites! Steph and Kaitlin are the proud owners of this account, and they’re two of the sweetest girls we’ve met on the app so far! Their feed is full of snapshots from their travels, and their life of adventure inspires us every single day!


We’re a bit jealous of this Aussie-based couple and their killer tan. “Chill” is definitely the vibe we would use to describe these ladies, with their beach waves and sun-kissed skin. They’re so lovely, and so in love!


It’s impossible not to get sucked into Ariana and Hannah’s feed. Their life is so full of color, and they’re probably the most stylish couple we’ve ever laid eyes on.


Lindsay and her wife, @curlsgetgrls, are such a powerful voice in the lesbian community. They’re passionate and smart, and absolutely stunning! They’re also hilarious, which makes them even more awesome.


These ladies are honestly just the coolest humans. I mean… they own their own tattoo shop. How much cooler can you get?


This couple and their beautiful family is SO much fun to follow! They live in California, so it seems the sun is always shining in their photos. Even when it’s not, their bright smiles serve to light up their entire feed. Plus they’re vegan, which makes us love them even more.


Speaking of sunshine… Mana and her partner live in Hawaii, so their feed is full of flowers, sand, and blue skies! These ladies are super supportive and sweet, and we love watching them live their best life!


No blog about lesbian Instagram accounts would be complete without mentioning these girls! They’re an adorable Canadian couple from the east coast, and we absolutely love their love!


This account is a conglomeration of photos from various lesbian influencers, and it absolutely overflows with love. If you’re looking for new gay women to follow, you can find them all right here!

Instagram isn’t just about pretty pictures. In fact, it’s one of the most accessible ways to get inspired, meet new friends, and immerse yourself in the lesbian community!

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