Why do lesbian relationships tend to move so quickly?

Why do lesbian relationships tend to move so quickly?

What do lesbian bring on a second date? A U-haul! Here’s the truth behind this well-known stereotype.

As with all stereotypes, this particular question won’t necessarily apply to all lesbian relationships. All humans are different, and every relationship develops at a different speed. However, yes – the joke that lesbians bring a U-haul to the second date is founded on some truth.

Whether you’re a part of the lesbian community or not, you probably know that two girls in love tend to speed through the first phases of a relationship. In many cases, they skip to the best parts – saying I love you, moving in together, getting married, etc. – faster than heterosexual couples. Could this be because there are two females in the equation? Most likely. 

[Warning: stereotyping ahead] 

So why, exactly, do lesbian relationships tend to move so quickly? Women, perhaps more so than men, have a strong biological need to feel loved, safe and seen, and are able to recognise and provide this to others more easily as well. Women also tend to connect with each other quicker than they do with the opposite sex due to a basic mutual understanding that doesn’t exist between men and women. Because women understand how the female mind works, it results in a closeness between lesbians that’s much stronger than it is in male-female relationships. Again, this closeness varies from case to case. But in general, closeness leads to comfort which leads to commitment – and fast.

But the real question is – is it okay to become another “U-hauler”? Once again, this differs per couple! Perhaps you’ve searched for love for years, and are thrilled to have finally found “the one”. So thrilled that you want to sprint straight to the finish line, so to speak. Maybe you’re being financially savvy and would rather move in with your girlfriend than pay for two places. Or perhaps you just want to marry your best friend! Either way, the pace of your relationship and your reasoning behind it doesn’t really matter. If the way things are progressing feels right for the both of you (honesty is key!) and you’ve got the same vision, there is no such as moving too fast. Spoken like a true lesbian!

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