Is lesbian sex better than straight sex?

Is lesbian sex better than straight sex?

Yes, yes and yes! I consider myself particularly qualified to weigh in on this particular subject, because I’ve had sex with both men and women. Subjectively, women are better. Objectively, women are better.

Allow me to back up my claims:

·         A 2014 study by the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that lesbians achieved orgasm 75% of the time during sex, compared to 61% of the time for heterosexual women.

·         More recently, in 2017, the Kinsey Institute surveyed 53,000 women and learned that lesbians climaxed 86% of the time during sex, compared to only 65% of straight women.

Why? I reckon it has a lot to do with the fact that women know what women like. It’s certainly the most logical explanation. While the majority of men are under the impression that it doesn’t take much to make a woman come, they couldn’t be more wrong. For a lot of women, achieving an orgasm takes dedication and precision, and men just don’t have the know-how – or the commitment – to make that happen. Ladies are more empathetic in this regard, and they also have the advantage of knowing what a clitoris is and where to find it.

Furthermore, I think I speak for a lot of women when I say that having sex with men isn’t very “gentle”. Even when they put their best foot forward in an attempt to be intimate, the very act of penetration alone instills a sense of vulnerability and aggression. With women, it’s different. It’s safe and soft and mutual in a way that straight sex just… isn’t. And yeah, I’d say that’s grounds for calling it better.