Is lesbian sex real sex?

Is lesbian sex real sex?

If lesbian sex isn’t real sex, then we’re honestly not sure what is.

Like many things in our society, the definition of sex has fallen victim to heteronormative language. In other words, when people hear the word “sex”, they automatically think of a man and a woman engaging in intercourse. But is that really what sex is?

Admittedly, I used asked myself this question a lot. When I lost my virginity (a rather “unsuccessful” experience), I was left questioning if what I’d just experienced was indeed sex. Later in life, after a disappointing and uncharacteristic experience in the bathroom of a bar (we all have regrets), I walked away asking myself what had just happened. And finally, when I first started dating Faith, I constantly wondered if what we did in the bedroom could be considered sex. And you know what all those years of wondering made me realize? It doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t matter what you call it. It doesn’t matter if penetration is involved or not. It doesn’t matter who’s a boy and who’s a girl, and it certainly doesn’t matter how others might define the experience. What matters is that it’s your experience, and that means you can define it however you want. Sex? Great. Love making? Great. Canoodling? Great.

So, to come back to the original question – is lesbian sex real sex? The better question is… was it real for you?

Emily WatsonLove, CommonComment