Do lesbians fight as much as straight couples?

Do lesbians fight as much as straight couples?

Lesbians don’t fight any less than straight couples… or do they? Here’s the truth about compatibility across all sexual preferences and genders.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – all couples are different. Whether you’re in a gay or straight relationship, the dynamic you share with your partner is completely unique.

But it’s our personal opinion that lesbians do tend to get along quite well in comparison to their heterosexual counterparts. That’s not to say we never fight (because we definitely do!), but because we’re both women, we live in harmony the majority of the time. Just to be clear though – at the end of the day, gender isn’t as important as overall compatibility. The extent to which a couple fights (or doesn’t fight) is a result of numerous factors, including but not limited to their individual philosophies, interests, temper, and star sign (if you believe in that). If none of those jive, it doesn’t matter whether you’re gay or straight – you’re probably going to fight a lot.

That said, we’ve spoken to a few bisexual women who admit that dating women often result in less conflict than dating men. There are a number of reasons that might explain this. If you read our blog post on why lesbian relationships move so quickly, you’ll remember the point that was made about women being like-minded. Because we “get” each other on an emotional level, we’re more apt to build closer bonds. That leads to relationships that move more quickly, and yes – fewer arguments.

Still, it’s important to remember that no relationship is perfect. If you’re grappling with the idea of switching sexual preferences so you can find a partner who’s going to agree with everything you say and do, you might want to rethink your intentions. We know straight couples who get along swimmingly, and gay couples who aren’t happy. On the flip side, we’ve met some of the most compatible lesbians, and women who date men that bicker about everything under the sun. It takes all kinds!