How do lesbians have kids?

How do lesbians have kids?

The same way as the rest of humankind, just with a little more planning! Allow me to lay it out for you:

1.      We decide that we want to have kids.

2.      We figure out whether we want to adopt or conceive.

3.      For the former, we go through the adoption process (which I admittedly know nothing about, but I'm sure another website will have plenty of answers on this topic). If we decide to carry, we visit a fertility clinic and talk to the nice doctors about the process, then take home a handful of pamphlets to read.

4.      We shop at various online sperm banks and place an order, or ask a close friend for his sperm.

5.      We start eating healthier, taking pre-natal vitamins and tracking our ovulation cycles, just like any other woman planning to get pregnant.

6.      We go back to the fertility clinic where they track our cycles more accurately, then do some tests to figure out the ideal time to “do the deed”.

7.      We endure a series of hormone injections that make us as fertile as possible, then go through a fertility procedure, such as intrauterine insemination (IUI) or in vitro fertilization (IVF).

8.      We take home pregnancy tests (yes, they’re the same as the ones straight women use) and hope for the best!

9.      Repeat steps 6 through 9, if necessary.

10.  We carry the baby for nine months, then give birth!

To all you lesbians out there interested in having kids, please shoot us a message with more questions!