As a straight girl, should I be worried that my lesbian friend has a crush on me?

As a straight girl, should I be worried that my lesbian friend has a crush on me?

Are you a straight girl worrying that your lesbian friend has a crush on you? You’re probably freaking out for no reason. Either way, here’s what to do.

If anything, you should be worried that your ego is too big.

No offense, but c’mon. To give you some perspective, let’s change up the situation a little bit. Let’s say you were friends with a guy. Would you be worried he has a crush on you? Maybe. But let’s say he’s given you no reason to believe that he has a crush on you. He doesn’t hit on you, or look at you with lust, or make flirtatious comments. Would you still worry that he had a crush on you? Probably not.

So why would you assume that a female friend has a crush on you simply because she’s gay? The understanding that not all lesbians are sexually attracted to all women is a difficult thing to wrap your head around, but it’s crucial that you try. Your friendship might depend on it.

On the other hand… maybe your friend does have a crush on you. If this is the case, don’t worry – just do your best not to lead her on. There’s probably no need to discuss it (‘cause let’s face it, that’s awkward for everyone). Just don’t take your shirt off in front of her or invite her to sleepover at your house. Clear boundaries are key.

If time wears on and you’re still under the impression that your lesbian friend is crushing on you, the next step is to confront her. Approach the issue gently, and let her know that you’re picking up on a few vibes that are making you uncomfortable. Listen to her side of things, and then figure out how to proceed. If your friendship is solid, it’ll survive the rocky waters.